My name is Rob Watt. I’m a digital nomad and I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa. My passions include surfing, bodyboarding, riding motorcycles, playing music and travel. I’m a Web Developer & SEO Specialist. My company is called Cloudbreak Digital… yes, named after “that” Cloudbreak!

Inspired by the legendary surf movies, Endless Summer and Endless Summer 2, I’m on a journey to surf the best waves this planet has to offer, meet extraordinary people and forge unforgettable memories. Over the next 2 years I’m planning on visiting the following places: Indonesia, Maldives, Australia’s Gold Coast, New Zealand, Tavarua, Tahiti, Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Barbados, Canary Islands, Morocco, South Africa and Mozambique.

Follow my journey as I write about exciting things to do in exotic places, my thoughts on: cultures, places, the environment, the challenges I face and how it’s possible to the live the digital nomad dream of travelling the world while working remotely.

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